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A donkey Mineral Supplement

 is available through our club

For more information contact Gail

Cost is $27 per 50# bag

April 17, 2016 Meeting:

It was voted that we would donate $100 to "The Donkey Sanctuary"

We also talked about doing a donkey playday in Spring  2017 where we invite donkey people from near and far. Maybe have some speakers and seminars, camping, eating, visiting, and donkey play. I encourage everyone to do some homework on this and check out venues, ask your friends if they would be interested and plan some things to do.

At the Feb 14, 2016 Meeting it was decided that we had some extra money in our Treasury, so we decided to donate some to a worthy donkey charity-

The question is: Which one? I encourage you to suggest any donkey charity that you would like to donate to. Do some research and bring it to the next meeting, where we will vote on how much to give and who to give it to.

We have not planned any events for 2016 at this time:

If you would like to plan a playday, clinic, pot luck, educationl event, party, donkey walk or hike, etc, Feel free to do so and let Gail know and she will add it to the calendar and send out notices


Eat, Bray, Love